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PalTV is Durham's most innovative student media outlet. With you, we can tell richer stories, create more ambitious projects and grow our audience.

Founded in 2021, PalTV is a young and hungry student TV station. We're a dedicated group of creatives, crafting unique content.
Our 'secret sauce' is our talented team. PalTV members drive the Station. We'd love you to join.

Join us.

PalTV is looking for new talent to join our ranks! 

To apply for a role in PalTV, you'll need to be a current Durham University student.

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Head of Engineering

PalTV is looking for a new Head of Engineering; an inspiring role, leading a new team of engineers in PalTV that will maintain all of our technology: our cameras, audio equipment, editing suite, network services, storage and archives, and live broadcast equipment. They will be assisted by the Facilities Manager and Head of Broadcasting to facilitate all of PalTV’s output by creating custom technical solutions. Whether that’s how to get a reliable Internet connection by a river (Durham Regatta 2024), how to securely store every piece of footage we record, or how to efficiently edit high quality 4K footage ready to be sent to national broadcasters.

Deputy Station Manager

PalTV is looking for new DSMs; The DSM’s are expected to lead the station by example through working to build and support the station as well as the members of PalTV. The DSM’s have to be flexible and ready to deal with all aspects of PalTV, in regular operations as well as problem solving and more in ‘non-regular’ operations.

All other roles

We run a rolling application period for member roles. We have vacancies for:

- Camera Operators
- Producers
- Video Editors
- Broadcast Engineers